Artist Portraits 

 Beautifully hand painted oil, mixed media & pencil portraits & landscapes. Specializing in children, adults & pets.

There is just something breathtakingly beautiful and elegant about a great charcoal portrait isn't there?

No offense to photos, photos are great.. but sometimes they can be ordinary, and stale. Most photographs only capture a frozen moment in time, they do not capture the aliveness and the essence of the subject. Just like a good photographer can capture the aliveness of the moment, a good artist captures the aliveness of the subject. A souless camera simply captures everything, while an artist can emphasize the most important and essential aspects of a subject.

And that is where my passion lies... which is to produce classy and elegant pieces of Art! Art that can last a life time and more! 

If you would like to commission me for a portrait, the steps are very simple:

1. Contact me via email, detailing your request for the portrait, its size, number of figures in the drawing etc.

2. Send me one or more high quality photo's of the subject via email

3. After requesting a 50% deposit, I will start the drawing and will email you a digital image for review when it is almost completed.

4. After you are absolutely happy with the result, I'll request rest of the fee and ship the portrait to you.

I may also be able to do special requests like combining multiple figures to one drawing/add backgrounds etc.

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